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Mystique's Mentors and Foundation
No one gets anywhere without the help of others.

Karen Elledge of Karral Shelties

    I was very fortunate to meet Karen and Ralph Elledge of KARRAL Shelties when I decided to breed my pet bitch, Sheena. I was a real "Nancy Novice"!  Little did I know that not all AKC Registered dogs meet the AKC Standard.  Through Karen and Ralph's guidance, I learned that Sheena and the puppy that I kept from the litter were not show quality dogs. Sheena was a wonderful loving pet that helped raise my two daughters and I would not have taken anything for her.  Thank God she knew what to do when she had her litter! Needless to say, I spayed her shortly after that. Both Sheena and Missy were then terrorized with my attempts at learning to groom, handle, and show. But as Shelties go, they tolerated me. And poor Karen and Ralph have had to put up with me for years! I have had so much fun meeting new people, going places, and learning things about the dogs. Before dogs (BD), I was a homebody. Now, I'm always on the go, training or showing somewhere!
   My two foundation bitches, Karral Texas Tea Time and Karral Penny Lane came from KARRAL. Actually, Penny was a six-year-old bitch living in a pet home when we got her, but that's another story. These two ladies had wonderful pedigrees that I needed very much. You will see them in all of my dog's pedigrees, so keep an eye out for them, as they are truly the foundation of my breeding program.
   Here are some of the great dogs behind the Mystique Shelties, as well as other well known dogs such as Ch Macdega Grand Prix, Ch Duluta Fist Full of Dollars, and Ch Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer to name a few.

Karral Southern Bell

Ch Barwoods Dominator


BISS/BIS Ch Karral Good Times ROM CC

Ch Karral Bell Ringin' Time

BIS/BISS Ch Karral Special Times CC

Karral Penny Lane