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Welcome to Mystique Shelties

Chaz at the 2011 ASSA National

Video excerpts of Chaz in Best Of Breed

Home of The 3Bs Versatile Shelties

   Mystique's goal is to have Shelties that have the 3Bs - Brains, Body, and Beauty. Over the years we have had fun training and showing in Agility, Conformation, Herding, and Obedience. 

   With the help of daughters, Heather and Terra, I had the time to train and show the dogs.  In the early days, both the girls showed in Junior Showmanship.  But, they lost interest, so Heather kept the dogs and Terra kept me awake on the road.  Then I convinced Terra to show again.  

   In a year's time, she did quite well in Juniors winning several Best Junior Handler awards and took Ch Mystique Fancy That all the way to an All Breed Best in Show in 1994. After the BIS win Terra retired from showing. Now the girls have grown up and moved on with their lives.

      We hope you enjoy our kids much as we do.   Thanks for stopping by. 

Member of the Shoreline Shetland Sheepdog Club of Baytown since 1986

Member of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association since 1993

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The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates
Science doesn’t support negative publicity about using kennel crates.

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ASSA Statement on PETA/HSUS

People and dogs share a deep and abiding bond. Selective breeding has produced a wonderful diversity of well over one hundred specialized breeds which benefit people in a host of economic and emotional ways. We deepen that bond by competing with our dogs in conformation shows, agility, herding, and obedience.

ASSA supports humane treatment for all dogs, education, voluntary spay/neuter for non-breeding animals, genetic research, and ethical breeding practices, including health screenings, which mean longer, happier, healthier lives for dogs.

ASSA opposes the most radical portions of the agendas of groups such as HSUS and PETA. These agendas are not intended solely to promote the welfare of dogs, but seek to bestow on them rights, in some cases equivalent to those of human beings. They want to ban breeding of all domesticated animals, including purebred dogs.

Join us in fighting radical animal rights legislation!

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