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Sheltie Links
borrowed from the Austin Sheltie Club

General Sheltie Links

.: American Kennel Club Sheltie Page :. The AKC operates the world's largest purebred dog registry.
American Shetland Sheepdog Association :. The ASSA is the  parent  club of our breed.
.: A Sheltie owner's guide :.
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) :. The AKCs Canine Good Citizen program.
.: InfoDog :. Comprehensive AKC dog show information site.
.: Profile: The Shetland Sheepdog :.

.: Sheltie Artwork :. Sheltie artwork from Jeanne McNally. She also does custom commissioned work.
.: The Sheltie-List home page :.
The Sheltie Page :.
Therapy Animals :. A program of the Delta Society

Sheltie History

The Shetland Sheepdog in America :. (Book) A wonderful historical account of the American Sheltie.
.: Shetland Sheepdogs: History, Genetics, Bloodlines, and Top Producers :. Well-known site by Sue Ann Bowling with substantial information on Shelties not available elsewhere.
.: The Development of the Shetland Sheepdog :. Online article by Barbara Thornley, Felthorn Kennel, UK.
.: Sheltie Conference 2000 :. Online article by Tom Coen (Macdega), which offers insight into the historical differences between the English and American Sheltie.
.: Sheltie Kennel Names :. A fairly comprehensive list of US Sheltie kennel names (last update was  2002, so some more recent kennels may be missing). Includes all of the great kennels of the past, with owner names and locations....
.: Notable Shelties of the Past :.

Sheltie International :. A Sheltie magazine.
Sheltie Talk :. The definitive book on Shelties - every Sheltie owner should have this in their library.
Shelties Online :. An online Sheltie magazine.
Sheltie Pacesetter :. Another Sheltie magazine!
.: Sheltie publications from Best Friends :.
Southern Sheltie :. An online directory and Sheltie magazine

AKC Breeder Page :.
AKC Sheltie Color Codes :.

.: Breeding Your Own Dog - what you need to know :.
Breeding Your Sheltie :.
Prestige Pedigrees :.

.: Sheltie Coat Color Genetics :. A good description of the genetics behind coat color in Shelties. Includes links to online calculators for coat color based on genetic pairings.
.: Sheltie Pedigree Software - SheltieBase :.
.: Sheltie Size Charts :.
.: Shetland Sheepdogs Certified Clear of Hip Dysplasia :. Quarterly listing of dogs which have been OFA certified HD-free.

.: Should I Breed My Shetland Sheepdog? :.
.: Sudlowe's Pedigrees :.
Area Clubs

.: Alamo Area SSC :. Sheltie club in San Antonio
.: SSC of Austin  Sheltie Club in Austin
.: Dogz Rule! Flyball :.  Flyball club (The largest/fastest club in the Austin area - and currently the only club in Central Texas with Shelties actively involved.).
.: Austin Flyball Association :.  Flyball club
.: Austin Air Dogz :.  Frisbee club
.: Austin Kennel Club :.
.: Texas Hill Country Stock Dog Association :. Yes, Shelties can participate!
.: Travis Agility Group :.  Agility club (also does training)
.: Travis County Kennel Club :.
Sheltie Health

Autoimmune Diseases :.
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) :.
.: Dermatomyositis :. Also known as Sheltie Skin Syndrome (SSS)
.: DNA profiling and testing for von Willebrand's in Shelties :.
Obesity Related Health Problems :.
OptiGen CEA Testing :.
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) :.
.: PennHIP method for hip evaluation :.
To Test of Not to Test :.

AKC Breed Standard :.
AKC Breed Standard video may be ordered here :. (They are under $20)

.: AKC Confirmation :.
AKC Rules Applying to Dog Shows :.

.: Coldstream Shelties page of current ASSA show results, top Shelties, and major lines :.
.: Compare to the Standard -  A Study in Movement :.
Compare to the Standard -  A Study in Outline :.
Compare to the Standard -  A Study in Profile :.
Dog Shows Explained :. A series of over 30 articles which provide excellent information on all aspects of how a dog show works (the articles can be found at the bottom of the page linked to here).

.: Ear Solutions :.
Gluing Ears :.
HJ Service - Measuring Wickets :.
Ideal Type :. An article by Tom Coen (Macdega)
.: The Illustrated Guide to Sheltie Grooming :. (Book)
Introduction to Judging the Sheltie :. An article by Cheryl Anderson
What is really going on at a Specialty Show? :.

AKC Canine Good Companion (CGC) :.
AKC Obedience :.
AKC Rally :.

.: Discovering Competitive Obedience :.
.: Inside Dog Obedience Competition :. (Book) An insider's view of AKC obedience competition.
.: Introduction to Obedience Competition :.
J and J Dog Supplies :. Obedience, agility, and flyball equipment
Rally Obedience :. Introduction to this new obedience sport and links to more information.
Understanding Dog Obedience Competition :. An article written by an AKC obedience judge.
Performance (Agility, Flyball, Herding)


.: J and J Dog Supplies :. Obedience, agility, and flyball equipment
.: K9Sports :. All this fun for your Sheltie!

.: Shetland Sheepdogs at Work :. (Book) All aspects of Shelties as performance dogs.


.: Affordable Agility :. Agility equipment
Agility Equipment Construction :. Information on building your own agility equipment
AKC Agility :.
Build It Yourself Agility Equipment :.

.: Clean Run :. Agility equipment and information
.: The Dog Agility Page :. Agility info, forums, and more.
The Dogstuff Agility Page :. Agility equipment and info
.: Max's Free Agility Equipment Plans :. Build your own agility equipment.
.: North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) :.
NTI Global :. Agility equipment - especially good pricing on quality tunnels.
US Dog Agility Association (USDAA):.
Your Sheltie and Agility:.


.: :.

.: North American Flyball Association :.


.: AKC Herding :.

.: Herding Characteristics of the Shetland Sheepdog:.
.: Herding With the Shetland Sheepdog:.
Area Trainers

Austin Dogs :. Puppy and basic, behavioral, trick training, CGC.
Austin K-9 XPress :. Agility training club
.: Austin SPCA :. Puppy training, basic pet obedience
.: Canine Academy :. (Leander) Puppy training, basic pet obedience, CGC, seminars, service/working dog training, board and train program.
Capital City Dog Training :. Basic obedience, CGC, board and train program.
Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin :. Basic and competition obedience, agility.
.: Fidelio Dog Works :. Puppy training, behavior, manners, and obedience for pets, in-home training.
.: Good Dog Austin :. Puppy training, obedience, agility, in-home training.
.: Hearts and Paws :. Behavioral, puppy and basic training, obedience, agility.
.: Joyce Morgan Dog Training Center :. Puppy training, conformation and competition obedience.
Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behavior :. (Hutto) Puppy training, basic pet obedience, CGC, agility.

.: Taurus Training :. Board and train facility - socialization, manners, and obedience for pets
.: Travis Agility Group :.  Agility training club
.: Triple Crown Dog Academy :. (Hutto) Conformation, obedience, agility, behavior modification, in-home training
Waggin' Tails Dog Training :. (Pflugerville) Obedience, agility, behavior modification, working trials.
Texas & Area Breeders

Listing of US Breeders :.

.: Allusion Shelties :. Houston area
.: Atwater Kennels :. Austin/San Antonio area (New Braunfels)
.: Classic Shelties :. San Antonio area (Pipe Creek)
.: Fanfare Shelties :. San Antonio area
.: Kirkfair Shelties :. Fort Worth area
.: Kismet Kennels :. Houston area
.: Lockehill Shelties :. Austin/San Antonio area (Spring Branch)
.: Musical Shelties :. Fort Worth area
.: Mystique Shelties.: Baytown Area
.: Prairie Shelties :. San Antonio area (Bergheim)
.: Rimrock Shelties :. Waco area
.: Springmist Shelties :.Dallas area
.: Synergy Shelties :.Dallas area
.: Wildwind Shelties :. Dallas area


Dorothy Christiansen :. National Sheltie Rescue Network  Coordinator
Sheltie Rescue Shop :. Catalog of items being sold by Sheltie rescue groups to raise funds.

Area Rescue Groups:

Austin Sheltie Rescue :. Because every Austin Sheltie deserves a loving home...

.: Alamo Area SSC Sheltie Rescue :. San Antonio area
.: Dallas/Fort Worth Sheltie Rescue :.
.: Houston Sheltie Sanctuary :.
Sheltie Haven :. Dallas area rescue group