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Shoreline Shetland Sheepdog Club of Baytown



Membership Application

Educational/Information Links:

American Shetland Sheepdog Association
American Kennel Club
January 2008 Seminar
Sheltie Standard
Sheltie Size
Disaster Planning

Health Links:

Orthopedic Foundation of  Animals
Canine Eye Registration Foundation
Vet Gen

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Sheltie Annual
Sheltie Review

   Rescued Pet Saves Girl

Pet Therapy

Specialty Shows:

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Along with other educational and informative programs during our meetings, we normally  have the following yearly events:
Month When Event
July Houston Combined Specialties w/ Houston World Series of Dog Shows Sheltie Specialty
May At Meeting Puppy Picnic & Covered Dish Lunch/Dinner
Nov/Dec Houston Combined Specialties w/ Conroe Kennel Club Shows Back2Back Sheltie Specialties
December At Meeting Christmas Party
If you would like more information on our Club, please contact one of the members listed below:
Officer Name Email Address
President:  Jessica Flannagan
Vice President: Vickey Willard
Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Keen
Board Members Debra Hughes
Linda Krzywicki
Kay Neely
Dog Legislation Liaison Amy Murray
Breeder Referral: Vickey Willard
Nancy Keen


How?  Click on the above link

Responsible Dog Ownership Month
Who do you support?  Animal Helpers? If you think PETA & HSUS are Animal Helpers, you need to do some homework!

If you want to keep your rights beware of animal legislation in your area and fight it!  This is spreading like an epidemic.

Click on the links below for more info or surf the web.
The Machine (HSUS)

PETA Kills Animals
You think you know HSUS? You don't know Wayne!

HSUS Kills Puppies


This is just one of the Ads in PETA's campaign to end the breeding of all pets and domestic animals. No breeding will eventually = no pets. Hug your dog today as it may be your last one.  Be careful which animal welfare groups you support. They may seem to be helpful today, but find out the "true price" you will pay in the future. Support your local shelter instead.

The above was borrowed from The Harrisburg Shetland Sheepdog club website

American Shetland Sheepdog Association
 Statement on PETA/HSUS

People and dogs share a deep and abiding bond. Selective breeding has produced a wonderful diversity of well over one hundred specialized breeds which benefit people in a host of economic and emotional ways. We deepen that bond by competing with our dogs in conformation shows, agility, herding, and obedience.

ASSA supports humane treatment for all dogs, education, voluntary spay/neuter for non-breeding animals, genetic research, and ethical breeding practices, including health screenings, which mean longer, happier, healthier lives for dogs.

ASSA opposes the most radical portions of the agendas of groups such as HSUS and PETA. These agendas are not intended solely to promote the welfare of dogs, but seek to bestow on them rights, in some cases equivalent to those of human beings. They want to ban breeding of all domesticated animals, including purebred dogs.

Join us in fighting radical animal rights legislation!