Mystique Siriously Wikked

Am Can GCH Crinan Executive Decision x Am Ch Mystique Wikked Pasta

Siri at her first show SJKC 02/25/2018, handled by Vickey Willard

Siri snuggling with Robert Willard


Photos by Vickey Willard
3G - Girl from Pasta Litter




Date Show Judge Win Point(s)
2/25/2018 SJKC - LaPorte TX Mrs Betty Jo Patrick RWB-12-18 Mo Class  

Health Testing
vWD - Clear
- 002:01/002:01 aaBB - moderate risk for DMS

Whelped 12/8/2016

BISS Can GCH Crinan Executive Decision CGN

Am GCH Can Ch Grandgables Travon Track Star

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BISS Am Can Jpn Ch Grandgables Boy Oh Boy ROM ROMC

BIS BISS Am Can Jpn Ch GrandGables Homecomin' Queen

Can Ch Grandgables Just Look At Me

Am Can Ch Apple Acres Expedition ROM ROMC

Am Can Braz Ch Grandgables Gota Love The Look

Am Ch Can Ch Crinan's Diva

Am GCH Can Ch Talisker's Bengal ROMC

Am Can Jpn Ch Grandgables It's Show Time ROM ROMC

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Am Ch Mystique Wikked Pasta

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